First Blog post

A first for me: a blog of my own! I know what they are and have friends that are inveterate posters but I’ve never had the need or inclination. I am interested to see where this new reflective tool will lead though, so away we go…

As the first exercise we are to examine how we feel about blogs and blogging;  explain why we do or do not read or follow blogs and examine concerns we may have about our abilities to contribute to an ongoing posting type resource as well as set a goal that we would like to see for the finished product.

I follow several blogs: two about water supplies for the developing world:; and   which examine the plight of people who do not have enough of one of the most basic of human needs as well as what issues to need be addressed  to assist  them in developing better sources of supply and storage. We here waste water in the most shameful manner and seldom even think about it:  our responsibility as citizens of the globe is to be good stewards of the resources we use and re-use.  It’s unfortunate that in a country which is  blessed with so much we care so little, are so cavalier.

As well I read a from time-to-time post by friends who cruise the coast from here(Victoria) to Alaska and back. As someone who lives on a boat this allows me to live a vicarious existence and enjoy someone else’s experiences. We have done some travelling up-coast and I probably know  more good hidey-holes on the North coast and the Charlottes (oops Haida Gwaii) than a lot of people but just haven’t had the time be able to go…

My abilities as a blogger? First-timer, completely green,  completely in-experienced. That will get better with time and reflection.  As for concerns I have tons but I am sure that as time progresses these will be allayed and I will probably develop some facility at posting.

As for a goal I must admit to not having one as yet:  it is simply too early on in the course. I think that this might be a good platform for reflective practice as well as a really good place to develop community.  I’ll have to think more about this as we go further into the course but as an initial stab at things a great place to meet and exchange ideas about the course and how we are developing as students and teachers.

There is obviously much more to do, and to learn about blogging. I’ll get better as things transpire and the quality of the posts will improve as well.


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