Self Assessment

What Have I Learned?

Several things immediately come to mind: I am not a natural born reflective writer, this is a wonderful tool when used correctly, and, akin to the use of wikis blogging is a tremendously powerful method to enable people to map progress in learning. Can I use this for my students? No. The subject material that I plan to teach would not lend itself well to reflection and blogging is something that the federal government frowns upon unless sanctioned by one’s position within the organization.

Looking back through the material it is possible to see quite clearly where ‘aha’ moments are, gauge new insights and apply some lessons learned for future content as well as personal conduct in terms of my practice. Like anything worthwhile it will get better with more use and I have to remember to focus and force myself to engage in the process. Now if I could just find a little time somewhere in the day…

How Has The Blog Changed Across The Duration Of The Course?

Scanning through my blog this morning I was struck at how tentative the first few entries were. They fulfilled the requirements of the course syllabus, and were written well enough to demonstrate that the material was addressed properly but one could see the uncertainty of the first time poster. Improvement was evident from one assignment to the next and spelling mistakes and minor grammatical errors diminished as time passed.

An interesting lesson was gleaned during 4151: even though one may have taken great care with formatting the documents before publishing, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee that it will translate well from the Word document on your laptop to the posting screen in WordPress. I spent a fair bit of time trying to get around this apparently simple task with varying results. This has proven very frustrating and at times I despaired of ever getting things to format out properly, each and every time and I find myself dissatisfied. Even now I still see links which drag across the page in some submissions but not in others. Joanne, is there a way to deal with this or am I just seeing a fault in the service provider’s site?

Readings became easier over the duration of the course and the research part actually became entertaining. So many people and so many opinions! How to sort the real from the substandard? Suggestions would be welcomed.

As time passed I found that I was using multimedia more and more, tying links together, doing more and more research. I must learn incorporate more video links where germane to the subject being considered although that is not necessarily the easiest as there may be a paucity of resources. Coupled with the reality of limited bandwidth in the area where I live watching every piece of video just isn’t possible.

Overall marks? I feel that I demonstrated mastery of the required skills and delivered a consistent performance and rate my performance for the blog at 9.0, for the organization and layout 9.0 and for writing skills 9.0.


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